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How Professional Grounds Care Will Save You Time & Energy

One way or another, we all like to maintain a beautiful exterior to our homes. Outdoor living spaces are simply more enjoyable when they are filled with color and complemented with attentive landscaping. Homeowners have a choice to either hire professional grounds care to achieve that look, or to accomplish it through hard work of […]

Lawn Mowing Best Practices

There is more to lawn mowing than simply pushing or driving your mower through the lawn and calling it a day. To really make your lawn pop, you’ll need a little added attention to detail. If you follow each of our lawn mowing best practices, your yard is sure to look its best throughout the […]

Proper Pruning Techniques

Pruning is a critical activity we do at the beginning of the spring and the end of the summer to ensure our plants stay healthy and full of luscious growth. Here is our 2021 guide to pruning for your landscape!

Solving Exterior Drainage Issues This Spring

Drainage issues can rear their head during any time of year, but problematic areas are generally brought to light during the wettest time of year: the spring! As such, we wanted to equip you with the knowledge needed to assess your drainage issues and address it with the perfect solution. After doing so, your outdoor […]

Is Your Landscape Designer Thinking About These Things?

Planning some improvements to your yard this spring? Our best recommendation is to choose your landscaper carefully! There are plenty of good options out there, but you’ll also find several landscapers who are just looking to cash in on your job without giving you and your property the attention to detail they deserve. Make sure […]

Fire Features Add Ambience to Any Yard

In recent years, fire features have become the (no pun intended) hot item to put in your outdoor living space. These features – whether a fire pit or a fireplace – add instant ambiance to any area, especially once the sun goes down. These items provide excellent comfort and atmosphere in any location and any […]

How Water Features Can Improve Any Yard

Beautiful water features can instantly improve the aesthetic of any outdoor space, bringing beauty and calmness that stand out in any area. Homeowners often avoid installing water features for fear that they will be difficult to install and maintain without knowing how simple they can truly be. Most water features require little maintenance and can […]

How Landscaping Can Improve Energy Efficiency

The Department of Energy says that carefully positioned trees can save the typical household up to 25% on its typical energy use. That’s a huge difference and just one trick homeowners can use to turn their landscaping into an energy-saver. Thankfully, these energy-saving hacks can improve the look of your yard while also increasing property […]

The Value of Lawn Fertilizer and Pre-Emergent

A beautifully landscaped lawn provides a sense of tranquility while living in your home, brightening your day each time you walk out the door or look out your window. It also serves as an investment. Reports show that a gorgeous lawn can boost property value up to 12.7 percent, a number that translates to an […]