The Value of Lawn Fertilizer and Pre-Emergent

A beautifully landscaped lawn provides a sense of tranquility while living in your home, brightening your day each time you walk out the door or look out your window. It also serves as an investment. Reports show that a gorgeous lawn can boost property value up to 12.7 percent, a number that translates to an additional $38,100 on a $300,000 home. Beautifully landscaped homes also attract more buyers, thanks to their improved curb appeal. While many steps go into an attractive yard, lawn fertilizer and pre-emergent can help build a healthy foundation for additional landscaping elements.

The Importance of Lawn Fertilizer and Pre-Emergent

Lawn fertilizer provides grass with important chemicals and nutrients to stimulate growth. It is typically applied just before the peak growing season, which for many people in the United States is in the late spring or early summer. That date may differ depending on your region, but fertilizer placed at the right time can help your yard truly bloom.

Pre-emergent, which stops the growth of unwanted life such as weeds and crabgrass, should be placed in the late winter and early spring. These chemicals stop unwanted seeds from sprouting, helping lawn owners control the growth of unwanted elements. Using pre-emergent can eliminate, or at least severely restrict, the need to weed later in the year. It can also stop a larger problem from developing later on that would require more advanced maintenance like resodding.

Taking Time to be Proactive

Lawn fertilizer and pre-emergent provide proactive care for your yard. Too many homeowners take a reactive approach to lawn care, only making serious investments when something appears wrong. A proactive approach ensures you have a healthy base for future development and projects. With a solid grass foundation, you can easily add shrubs, bushes and elements like gazebos, patios, or fountains with confidence.

Taking a proactive approach with lawn fertilizer and pre-emergent also lays the groundwork for a positive mindset. As a landscaper, many of the actions we take involve proactive care. We know the challenges that can easily develop and stop them before they develop. That should be your goal as well. A beautiful yard not only provides financial value but is a place you and your family can enjoy. Take the necessary steps early on in the process to make care and maintenance easier later on.

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