How Landscaping Can Improve Energy Efficiency

The Department of Energy says that carefully positioned trees can save the typical household up to 25% on its typical energy use. That’s a huge difference and just one trick homeowners can use to turn their landscaping into an energy-saver. Thankfully, these energy-saving hacks can improve the look of your yard while also increasing property value.

How Trees Can Improve Energy Efficiency

Trees provide a wide variety of benefits. They provide shade, helping to reduce the amount of direct sunlight that hits a home. A cooler house can help you rely less on your air conditioner, lowering your energy bill while reducing the wear and tear on your cooling unit. The same can be said in the winter. When trees lose their leaves, they allow for more sunlight, helping to heat your home. Trees also play an important role in blocking wind. Trees, and other vegetation, can reduce wind speeds that hit your home. These winds can undermine your home’s heating or cooling system, so they are critical to all energy-efficient landscapes.

Creating Dead Air

Few people are aware of how air can be a great insulator. By placing vegetation like vines, shrubs and bushes near your home, you can trap a bubble of air. Known as “dead air,” this can help provide additional insulation and keep your home warmer during the winter months. If you want to plant vines, some “climbing” varieties can provide valuable energy benefits as well. Vines that grow up the side of your home can block some sunlight being absorbed by the home or that comes through windows.

Maximize Water Usage

To maximize energy efficiency, you will also want to grow plants and bushes in ideal spots. They should get an appropriate amount of water and sunshine, but also have time under shade as the sun moves throughout the day. Putting these items in the wrong place can force you to need to heavily water them, wasting resources. If you do need to water plants, make sure to do it during the cool parts of the day – either early in the morning or just after the sun goes down – to avoid too much evaporation. Following these tips can help you have a beautiful yard while also substantially lowering your energy bill.

Eddington Landscaping Can Help Build an Energy-Saving Yard

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