Fire Features Add Ambience to Any Yard

In recent years, fire features have become the (no pun intended) hot item to put in your outdoor living space. These features – whether a fire pit or a fireplace – add instant ambiance to any area, especially once the sun goes down. These items provide excellent comfort and atmosphere in any location and any climate. What fire feature is best for you? Let’s look at some of the most popular options to see what works best for your yard.

Fire Pits Remain King of Fire Features

A fire pit allows for people to sit around the warm fire from all sides, resembling the feeling of being around a campfire. Most people think of fire pits as the movable metal bowls sold in home improvement stores, but landscapers can create much more elaborate designs. These larger fire pits typically feature stone and offer permanent seating. They can either house an area to start a traditional fire or come with an automated system that starts a gas fire with the flip of a switch.

These fire features are incredibly popular as they make for a fun centerpiece for larger gatherings of friends and family. They also add to the utility of backyard space, providing homeowners with an additional way to enjoy the area outside their home, even during colder months.

Fireplaces Become More Popular

While fire pits serve as most fire features, outdoor fireplaces have also continued to grow in popularity. Fireplaces are used more as part of a larger outdoor living area. Fireplaces can be built as part of an elegant architectural statement and typically take up less space than a fire pit. Some people like to mount televisions on the outside of the fireplace to enjoy sports and other entertainment while outside. Since fireplaces usually come as part of another structure, like a pavilion, they can also be used at night or in poor weather.

As you look to add to your home, fire features provide an excellent outdoor option that combines the comfort of being inside while enjoying the great outdoors. There are a wide range of fireplaces and fire pits on the market, and landscapers can help you create a custom design that fits perfectly in your space.

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