Have You Done Your Mulching Yet This Season? Now is the Time!

Have you done your spring mulching yet? If not, now is the time! Don’t just go to the nearest hardware store, purchase mulch and start the task right away, however. Mulching is actually a way to punctuate a lot of other maintenance tasks that have to be taken care of first. After a little spring cleanup, your garden bed will be all ready for this year’s mulching!

What is a Spring Clean Up?

In the context of mulching, a spring clean-up is all about fully preparing your landscaping beds for the remainder of the year. After being unkept for several months, your gardens always need some TLC to be restored to last year’s glory. Here are the common tasks you’ll want to address as part of your spring clean-up:

  • Trimming and cutting back shrubs
  • Removing dead growth
  • Removing weeds
  • Applying a pre-emergent weed killer
  • Hand edging bed lines
  • Finally, applying 1-2 inches of fresh mulch!

Do I Really Have to Do This Every Year?

These tasks can add up quickly and end up being quite a lot of work. Even still, each step is very important and should absolutely be completed year after year.

For starters, trimming your shrubs and removing their dead growth will ensure they continue to grow healthily without becoming overgrown and impeding the growth of other plants as a result.  Next, you’ll want to get those pesky weeds out because of their unsightliness and the fact that they will feed off of water and nutrients that your other plants could otherwise benefit from.

Edging your garden, or creating a clear border around your garden beds, will keep any weeds or grass from creeping into them. Finally, mulch is the glue that will hold everything together. An inch or two of mulch will reduce erosion, prevent weeds from sprouting up and create beautiful color contrast between your plants and the surrounding area.

Ultimately, to keep our yards healthy and under control, we have to keep up with these tasks year after year. Does than seem a little daunting? Worry not, we have you covered!

Expert Spring Cleanup and Mulching Services with Eddington Landscaping

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