Solving Exterior Drainage Issues This Spring

Drainage issues can rear their head during any time of year, but problematic areas are generally brought to light during the wettest time of year: the spring! As such, we wanted to equip you with the knowledge needed to assess your drainage issues and address it with the perfect solution. After doing so, your outdoor living space will be all set for a spring and summer of enjoyment!

Identifying Drainage Issues

There are a bunch of signs of drainage issues that you’ll likely be able to pick up on relatively easily. Here are the biggest giveaways:

  • Pooling water that takes extensive time to absorb/ runoff after rain
  • Water pooling in downpours instead of emptying
  • Unusually soggy ground compared to other areas of your property

Why Should You Solve Drainage Issues?

Okay, unusually moist grass isn’t exactly ideal, but is this issue really worth taking the time to fix?


Solving drainage issues is extremely important because the wet grass and pooling you’re noticing now could actually be causing costly, unsightly long-term damage. Here are a few of the issues that unsolved drainage issues can lead to down the road:

  • Structural/ foundation damage
  • Mosquito infestations
  • Unsightly erosion
  • Unsightly foundation water staining
  • Root rot
  • Leaks or floods
  • Ice build-ups during winter

In the short term, these issues will impact your outdoor space aesthetically and keep you from being able to fully enjoy it. In the long term, these issues will only get worse and surely lead to costly repairs.

How Can I Solve My Drainage Issue?

There are several methods we regularly use to make drainage issues disappear. The method we decide to use generally depends on the root of the issue and the preferences of the homeowner experiencing the issue.

French Drain

Does your home have a garden on a sloped surface? It’s possible that the steepness of the angle is making it hard for the roots of your plants (or even grass) to absorb all of the water from our rainy springs. French drains are a great way to curb this issue and simply divert the water elsewhere.


Your home was most likely graded to allow water to flow away from it and toward the nearest drainage system. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, builders don’t always get grading right the first time. A new drainage plan, or a regrading, can often make drainage issues disappear as quickly as they arrived!

Dry Well

If you live in an area with low elevation, your drainage issues are likely occurring because water is naturally running off directly toward your home. A great way to divert this rush of water is to install a subsurface drainage system like a dry well. Dry wells are simply deep basins that collect water that exists within the soil profile.

Solve Your Exterior Drainage Issues This Spring with Eddington Landscaping

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