Is Your Landscape Designer Thinking About These Things?

Planning some improvements to your yard this spring? Our best recommendation is to choose your landscaper carefully! There are plenty of good options out there, but you’ll also find several landscapers who are just looking to cash in on your job without giving you and your property the attention to detail they deserve. Make sure your landscaper has these three things in mind this spring!


There are four main things that shape the cost of every landscaping job: the size of the property, the scope of the work being completed, the current condition of the property and the materials used. Our job is to work with you to ensure the end result meets your expectations when it comes to cost and appearance. We work with each of our clients to establish their budget or budget range and give them a clear understanding of what we’ll be able to accomplish with it.

Seasonal Color

Some landscapers seem to forget that there are indeed other seasons besides spring and summer. We want your yard to look as vibrant as possible year-round! We accomplish this by using seasonal garden plans that feature plants that bloom in spring, summer and can even help brighten up your yard once autumn arrives. Of course, if there’s a particular season you’d like to favor, we can accommodate! We can even help you choose the perfect evergreen additions to keep your yard looking bright and lively during the coldest times of year.

Heavy Traffic and Low Traffic Areas

Areas with varying levels of traffic matter a lot when it comes to planning the landscape of your yard. Do you have heavy traffic areas surrounding your home, such as a front walkway? We want to know about it! When we have an idea of the traffic of your home, we can design its landscape appropriately. By placing hardy plants in those highly trafficked areas, and keeping more delicate plants on the periphery, we can ensure your yard is filled with eye catching foliage that should stand the test of time.

Eddington Landscaping Is the Right Landscape Designer for Your Home!

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