How Water Features Can Improve Any Yard

Beautiful water features can instantly improve the aesthetic of any outdoor space, bringing beauty and calmness that stand out in any area. Homeowners often avoid installing water features for fear that they will be difficult to install and maintain without knowing how simple they can truly be. Most water features require little maintenance and can easily become a relaxing staple of your backyard.

Different Types of Water Features

Water features range from pools and fountains to waterfalls and ponds, with each offering different pros and cons. Bubbling boulders – where a recycling stream of water comes from a crack in a boulder – bring natural stone and the relaxing sound of running water into your yard. These items require low maintenance and can bring serenity right outside your home. Other fountains offer a similar experience, providing a feeling of zen that can improve any yard or garden.

Water features can improve the curb appeal of your home when it is time to sell. While there may be some customers who are not interested in a water feature, it will be a net positive in attracting customers. Water features also boost the attractiveness of your yard. A birdbath, for instance, can attract birds that brighten the yard with activity.

Accentuating Existing Water

The most common water element in most backyards is a swimming pool. While pools offer a lot of fun, there are water features that can accentuate a swimming area. Waterfalls can make the pool more fun while a water wall can add a design element. Water features can also be added to existing koi ponds to add a moving water element if none already exists. Landscapers can work with you to find the perfect water feature or help you design a custom one.

Pondless Water Features

Ponds have become less popular in recent years as they require slightly more maintenance while items like fountains and bubbling boulders have become more in vogue. Ponds, or any other types of standing water, do require more work and can be welcoming to outside animals, like raccoons. Luckily, pondless water features are a great solution to this issue.

Bubbling Boulders: A Pondless Solution

Installing a bubbling boulder could be the perfect pondless solution to improving your yard.  These natural stone boulders are drilled to have water flowing through them and spilling over the top. They provide great ambiance and feel, with an enclosed basin that prevents clogs and makes maintenance very easy. A professional landscaping company can help you pick the best option for your specific water feature and location.

Eddington Landscaping Can Help You Pick and Install the Right Water Feature

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