Lawn Mowing Best Practices

There is more to lawn mowing than simply pushing or driving your mower through the lawn and calling it a day. To really make your lawn pop, you’ll need a little added attention to detail. If you follow each of our lawn mowing best practices, your yard is sure to look its best throughout the whole year.

Selecting the Proper Height

Your lawn mower likely has a hand full of height settings you can adjust throughout the year. During the Ohio spring, we’ve found that 3.75-4” is the perfect length. Our yards are saturated with plenty of rain throughout the spring, making this lower grass height easily sustainable. Once summer rolls around, however, our rainfall will likely become notably less frequent. To keep your grass healthy during long dry spells, we recommend adjusting your mower to at least 4”. The taller the grass, the more likely it is to thrive even in dryer conditions. For us, ~4” strikes a great balance between hardiness and aesthetic appeal. After summer passes, you can go back to your usual shorter height. Your final mow of autumn should be notably short in order to prevent buildup/diseases before the winter.


A quality edging job can bring any lawn to a whole new level in terms of appearance. In order to achieve a perfectly manicured look, we recommend edging landscaped beds/hard surfaces (driveways, sidewalks) with a string trimmer. For perfectly edged lines, you will want to hold your string trimmer completely vertical when trimming.

Clean Up Time

Clean-up is the easiest and fastest part of lawn mowing. Many homeowners bag their clippings and dispose of them as yard waste. Our best advice is to simply blow the clippings back into the lawn! You will save yourself a lot of time, and those clippings are packed with nutrients. As they begin to decompose, they will help your lawn grow even stronger and more luscious throughout the rest of the year.

Expert Lawn Mowing Services with Eddington Landscaping

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