Will Lawn Fertilizer Hurt My Pet?

Professional lawn care will make your yard the envy of the neighborhood. A landscape with soft, green grass and no weeds in sight is the perfect finishing touch for any outdoor living space. To achieve this look, lawn fertilization will most likely be a must.  But what are the impacts on animals, and how can we keep our pets safe after fertilization?

Which Types of Fertilizers Are Toxic to Animals?

As you might expect, fertilizer of any kind can cause health issues if ingested. In the past, many individuals have opted for organic fertilizers as an alternative to keep their pets safe from harm. In truth, organic fertilizers are still unsafe for ingestion. On top of that, they may be even more enticing to pets if organic additives like fish oil are present.

Keeping Your Pets Safe from Harm

Supervision for 24-48 Hours

You’ll want to keep a very close eye on your pet immediately after the fertilization process is complete. Consider keeping your pet on a leash when outside for the first 24-48 hours before letting them roam freely. Many liquid application fertilizers report that they are nontoxic once completely dry, but we still recommend waiting at least 24 hours for complete peace of mind.

Trust the Pros for Your Lawn Fertilization

Trusting the pros for your next lawn fertilization can take the stress out of ensuring your space is safe for your pets to roam. Fertilizing may seem easy, but there are several factors to consider when choosing the right lawn care approach for your space. (There’s a reason why you must have a license!)

We know how much fertilizer to apply to positively impact your lawn while still creating a safe space for your whole family to enjoy. We also eliminate the need to worry about storing any unused fertilizer you may have left after a DIY fertilization. if you’re doing it yourself, how are you storing it? If your fertilizer isn’t properly stored, moisture will make it clump together and become ineffective. If left outdoors over the winter, liquid fertilizers can freeze and separate active ingredients from solvents. When you trust the pros for fertilization, you can be sure the products in use are both safe and effective.

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