Use Fall to Prepare, Maintain and Improve Your Outdoor Space

If you’re hoping to maintain or improve your outdoor space, timing is everything. Providing the right service at the right time prevents future issues and saves you both time and money in the long run. You need to take into consideration all that you’d like to see growing ahead of time in order to maximize your time and energy. The fall season is an important time to not only prepare your yard for the upcoming winter, but also to get a jump start on some projects that would improve your outdoor space for the coming spring. There are many areas that need attention in order to ensure that everything is ready for when the weather warms up again.

Fall Landscape Maintenance

First and foremost, you will want to use this time of year to ensure that your yard is ready for the coming winter. Start by making sure the grass has the proper base to withstand extreme cold and a lack of sunshine. This includes a proper feeding with a winterized fertilizer and, if you want to go a step further, aerating, thatching and overseeding. Learn about the various types of plants, trees, and shrubs in your outdoor space and give each a proper feeding to help them remain strong for the winter ahead.

Planning for Spring

Once your yard is prepared for winter, you can start thinking about how you could improve your outdoor space for spring. The fall tends to have colder temperatures and more moisture than spring and summer. These conditions make for better root growth, so resodding grass or planting a new tree is recommended during this time. New plants, trees and shrubs will have time to establish robust roots that will help them grow when spring comes and minimize the shock of being transitioned into a new environment. Businesses and property management companies can also use this time to think about their larger landscape needs and if they want to alter or improve how their space looks.

Think Beyond Trees and Plants

The fall also serves as an excellent time to replace irrigation systems or divert water from over-saturated areas. Soil can become dry and compacted over the summer. Fall rain can reveal where drainage needs to be enhanced. Use the slower fall months to make these types of improvements. This is especially important for businesses and property management companies with larger spaces. A drainage or irrigation problem can be difficult to fix, especially during the busy summer months. Think about these challenges now so that you don’t have to worry about them after winter is over when you’re ready to enjoy your outdoor area. Or, if you’d like to rest assured knowing that your outdoor space is receiving what it needs at the right time, get help from our team of landscape professionals at Eddington Landscaping.

Improve Your Outdoor Space and Get Ready for Spring with Eddington Landscaping

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