The Recurring Need for Hardscape Maintenance

Between grass, shrubs, leaves, and trees it can sometimes be easy to overlook hardscape maintenance. While these living things may need consistent care, homeowners still need to care for pavers, patios, and driveways to ensure that they look good and perform as needed. Let’s look at what a landscaper can do in order to improve hardscape maintenance.

Understanding the Need for Hardscape Maintenance

The winter can be especially tough on your driveway and any walkways. Salt, either put down yourself or carried in by your car, can cause corrosion and damage. For pavers, we recommend using a sealer to give an added layer of protection. Sealers can provide longevity, reduce erosion, and add a nice sheen that improves the overall look and adds to the appeal of your home. They can also reduce stains from dirt or fallen debris, like leaves and sticks. Driveways may not be hit as hard but will still need maintenance, such as a strong power wash at the end of the winter season.

Patio and Other Outdoor Maintenance

Your overall landscaping can help improve your hardscapes as well. While hardscapes should be placed on top of cleaned off areas, weeds, new plants, and even bugs can cause pavers and patio stones to become disjointed and uneven. Make sure that these areas remain clean. If you have seen weeds or other intrusions, be sure to either remove them yourself or call a professional.  If a stone or paver has become broken or chipped, you may want to get it replaced to keep the overall aesthetic of your yard.

A Regular Approach

There is no hard and fast rule for when to take care of hardscapes. We recommend refreshing them at the beginning of spring to ensure they look nice for the time you will spend outdoors during the warmer months. This can include pressure washing, re-sanding, and other types of maintenance that will keep them looking their best all year round.

Eddington Landscaping Can Improve Your Outdoor Living Space

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