Leaf Clean Up Time is Almost Here!

We’re approaching late October, and that means the beautiful array of leaves currently decorating our trees will start making their descent to our lawns in the coming weeks. As a result, it’s time to start gearing up for your yearly leaf cleanup! Why should you make a point to be proactive with your leaf cleanup this year?


Autumn leaves create a lovely aesthetic for our homes right up until they fall to the ground. Once that happens, they start to make our spaces look messy and unkept. After a few rains, that look will only worsen as soggy, brown leaves litter our once perfectly clear lawns.


After performing countless leaf cleanups year after year, we can confirm that they are slippery. It’s easy to slip and fall on a leaf-covered walkway – especially when the leaves are wet from dew or the latest autumn rain. Don’t risk injuring yourself or spilling your favorite autumnal beverage on the way to your car this fall!

Lawn Health

When left to rot over the winter, fall leaves encourage disease, fungal infections, and mold growth. Even if you manage to avoid those complications, a lawn covered by leaves is sure to smother the grass and hinder growth once spring comes next year. Plus, a lawn covered in leaves creates the perfect shelter for unwelcome visitors like mice and voles.

Pro Tip: Don’t Mulch Your Leaves This Fall!

A lot of people mulch up their leaves with a mower. This isn’t ideal, as it builds up the thatch layer in your lawn. A lot of thatch encourages pests and diseases to take hold. If you’re looking for a use for your autumn leaves, composting will likely be a better option. Autumn leaves, along with other organic lawn matter, make the perfect addition to the compost bin. The carbon-rich brown matter serves as a food source for microorganisms turning the green matter into plant-boosting nutrients.

Let Eddington Landscaping Help with Your Leaf Clean Up!

Does fall clean up sound like a nuisance? Eddington Landscaping offers it as a service so that your lawn is all ready for winter! Since 2011, we have worked to help homeowners, property management companies and businesses create the perfect landscapes that meet their budget and maintenance requirements. To learn more, call us today at (512) 432-4866 or request a quote here.