How an Outdoor Living Space Boosts Property Value

Multiple studies and reports have found that excellent landscaping boosts property value by up to 15 percent. A big part of landscaping and outdoor improvement is building outdoor living spaces that can be enjoyed and valued by those who live in the property. Not only will you get to appreciate this area while living in your home, but adding an outdoor living space boosts property value when the time comes to sell your home.

Why Adding an Outdoor Living Space Boosts Property Value

Professional landscapers know all the tips and tricks in creating beautiful outdoor spaces.  By adding these spaces, they’re able to increase the usable size of a home. Building or upgrading a patio, refurbishing a deck, and building features like an outdoor kitchen can greatly benefit the homebuyer. These features make buyers feel as if they are purchasing a property instead of just a house. A beautiful backyard extends the size of the living area, making the home much more attractive on the market.

Improving Curb Appeal

In a survey earlier this year, 94 percent of real estate agents said the curb appeal of a home can help it sell faster. Potential buyers will be interested in homes that offer more amenities than those in the same neighborhood without these amenities. Since adding outdoor living space boosts property value, there is benefit in making these small or medium-sized investments. After all, you get to enjoy these amenities while living in your home, so the added selling price should just be seen as a bonus that will pay for these improvements in the future.

Why Hire a Professional?

Simply put, properly building beautiful outdoor living spaces is challenging and time-consuming. While many homeowners have a green thumb, landscaping from a professional can take your home to a new level. You want to look beyond simply cutting grass and installing plants, but creating an outdoor paradise. Landscaping boosts property value, but only if it is done right. Most people do not have the time, energy, or expertise to do it properly. Homeowners should think of professional landscaping as an investment in their home they get to enjoy that will pay them back when they decide to sell.

Eddington Landscaping Can Improve Your Outdoor Living Space

At Eddington Landscaping, we help our customers create their perfect outdoor space during all seasons. Since 2011, we have worked to help homeowners, property management companies and businesses create the perfect landscapes that meet their budget and maintenance requirements. To learn more, call us today at (512) 432-4866 or request a quote here.