Get to Know Eddington Landscaping: An Experienced Landscaping Company

Eddington Landscaping is dedicated to providing high-quality landscaping services to residential, property management and commercial clients. While we are proud to be the preferred landscaping company of many clients today, how did we get here?

The Early Days

Our founder, Camden Eddington, first started his landscaping career by cutting grass in his grandparents’ neighborhood in high school. He soon grew his business to an established mowing route that let him learn the ropes and practice exceptional customer service. At the same time growth allowed expansion into other areas of the industry, such as outdoor living spaces and design/build services. While his business was taking off, he felt called to serve in the United States Marine Corps. He spent six years serving our country and, upon fulfilling his mission, he went back to working in the landscaping industry.

The Roots of Our Landscaping Company

Upon his return Camden purchased a truck, trailer and lawn mowers and hit the ground running to build a new client base from scratch. Thanks to his exceptional work, the business was able to grow rapidly. Since 2011 we have grown into a larger business with field employees heading out every day to create and sustain gorgeous landscapes.

Who We Are Today

Today, our landscaping company offers a comprehensive range of services designed to meet the needs of both residential clients and commercial businesses. No property is too small or too big for us to transform. We specialize in all-inclusive yard and landscape maintenance packages that are customized based on the needs of each individual property. We make it easy to rest assured your landscape will be healthy and well-maintained all year long. Our process is thorough, and we work to understand the exact needs of our customers and develop the right solutions for them. No two landscapes are the same, and whether you need a small outdoor fire pit area, or an entire landscape transformed with plantings, trees, lawn care and hardscaping features, we are here to meet your needs. How can our landscaping company help you?

We Make Your Dream a Reality

At Eddington Landscaping, we work hard to design, install and maintain outdoor spaces that allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of the great outdoors. Since 2011, we have worked to help homeowners, property management companies and businesses create the perfect landscapes that meet their budget and maintenance requirements. To learn more, call us today at (512) 432-4866 or request a quote here.