A Pondless Water Feature Can Bring Instant Zen to Your Outdoor Space

A pondless water feature can bring instant peace and serenity to your garden. These beautiful pieces – think a waterfall or a bubbling boulder – can transform your space into a Zen garden. Better yet, a pondless water feature is both easy to install and requires little maintenance.

A Look at a Pondless Water Feature

As the name suggests, a pondless water feature does not have a visible water reservoir. Instead, the water used is hidden underground, which helps make it easy to maintain. Owners do not need to worry about animals or leaves and other debris falling into the pond and creating damage or clogs.

Different Types of Water Features

The most common type is a fountain or waterfall. In these designs, the water flows through the reservoir system and spills out through an opening. Many homeowners use rock formations that fit with the aesthetic of their backyard or the surrounding area. Other options include bubbling boulders, where water seeps out the top of a boulder and runs down the side. There are also more creative options like this homeowner who used a series of waterfalls from different gardening cans.

The Ease of Installing a Pondless Water Feature

A pondless water feature can be easy to install. It starts with digging a hole for the water basin to sit. This hole needs to be both wide and deep enough to hold the basin, while also flat enough to keep the basin level. After that, the pondless basin gets placed in the hole along with a pump at the base of the fountain. The fountain base is covered in rubber fabric to catch overflowing water. The foundation is then placed around the base. We fill the bowl with water to ensure it flows over all sides evenly and can be adjusted as needed. We then install the rest of the fountain, checking the water along the way to make sure it runs properly. Finally, we install stones and other decorative items around the base to make it look beautiful.

Eddington Landscaping Can Install Your Pondless Water Feature

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