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Life is better outside. This simple statement is the core of our entire company. Our mission is to create and maintain outdoor spaces in such a way that it entices you to enjoy the natural beauty of nature. We want you to slow down and revel in the explosion of colors from the first blooms of the spring, to observe the wistful wanderings of honeybees as the pollinate the world, to watch the color of the leaves as they change with the first nips of frost in the fall, and most importantly we want you to enjoy the natural beauty of nature.

Why? Because life is better outside.


Since 2011 our team of landscape professionals have worked tirelessly to help homeowners and businesses address the unique requirements of their individual properties. We do this by not only providing custom tailored solutions to our clients that address the individual maintenance needs of each property, but also by being creative and unique with each new landscape design and installation.

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You’ve made the most important decision in the planning phase… The decision to move forward! Eddington Landscaping has the ability to help you decide what the next course of action is. Whether it be maintaining an existing landscape, fixing a drainage problem, or completing a design/build project, our team has the technical skills to help you accomplish your goals.

We look forward to working with you!

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