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    From Lilac and Roses, to Hydrangea and Dogwood, at Eddington Landscaping we can help you sift through the seemingly endless list of plants and trees to decide what will be beautiful, sustainable and affordable for your property.

    Starting with your budget and ideas we start by analyzing your property for the many elements that can make or break a particular plant or tree. The shady, damp areas of your property require a much different approach then the hot, sunny ones. At Eddington Landscaping we have the experience to quickly spot potential problem areas and provide you with an alternative.

    Once we have worked thru the sites problems and advantages, we start compiling a list of plants and trees that will not only make your property look its best, but will also be sustainable and easy to maintain. We will work with you to design a layout for your property that will enhance its natural features. A well-designed garden gives you years of satisfaction and pleasure by providing an outdoor living space for playing, entertaining, or relaxing.

    Finally we will install your landscape with the care we would use at our own homes. We use only the best in fertilizer and soil to ensure your plants make it through the critical first few months. We use only the best plants and trees to make your landscape look even better, year after year. Call us today for a free consultation and estimate.

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Eddington Landscaping is great! They show up every week looking professional to cut my lawn. Not only that, but they are affordable too!"

Tammy Franks